If you are studying or thinking of studying at the HSDC Alton Campus and would be interested in a Scholarship or need financial help, then read on..



Since 2002 we have been awarding Scholarships for Excellence to students studying at the college. There are currently a total of 350 Scholars

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The Student Support Fund aims to improve the quality of life and achievements of students at the College by awarding Grants. This fund is open to all students up to the age of 19 studying at the HSDC Alton campus. In the past 10 years over £120,000 in grants have been made.

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Like all charities we rely on the generosity of donations made by individuals and organisations to be able to function. Since its creation in 1999, the Alton College Foundation has raised £600,000 and put it to good use.

We continue to seek further Sponsors so that we can continue to develop the work that we do. Our existing Sponsors come from a wide range of backgrounds, mostly from the local community. Some Sponsors specify particular subjects for their Scholarship awards, others are happy for the Foundation to make this decision. We actively encourage contact between Sponsors and Scholars – this starts at the Awards Ceremony, is ongoing during the Scholar’s time at Alton College, and often continues beyond college.

Donations to the Student Support Fund are very welcome, especially in today’s difficult economic times. Although money donated will not be allocated to a specific student you can rest assured that the Foundation will ensure that it is put to good use.

We welcome donations both large and small. For individuals, the Gift Aid* Scheme boosts the amount donated (currently this means that the government pays us 25p for every £1 donated).

All Sponsors are recognised here on our website and are invited to Foundation events. Current Sponsors

If you would like to discuss becoming a Sponsor then please contact us today.


All gifts and donations to the Foundation are most welcome. Other than becoming a sponsor for the Scholarship scheme we are in particular interested in obtaining funding for our overall activity which we can assure you is carefully managed and put to good use. Also if you are making a donation as an individual we benefit from the Gift Aid Scheme which currently sees the government add an additional 25% to your donation if you are a UK tax payer. Although this scheme is always under threat this adds vital funding, especially at a time when bank interest is so low.

There are a number of ways we can receive donations. You can make a direct payment to the Foundation (make cheques payable to the Alton College Foundation) You can make a regular donation via direct debit (contact for details)


You can now make secure online donations via Virgin Money.  

About Us

The Alton College Foundation was established in 1999 to help the College provide facilities and equipment that could not otherwise be provided from government funds.

Since creation we have raised £600,000 which has bought equipment for the college, created a quiet garden for students, provided a mini bus for the college, awarded Scholarships to 350 students and provided bursaries and grants of over £120,000 since 2010.

The Foundation is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee and operates totally independent of the college.

The Directors and Staff

Like all charities we only exist because of the hard work of our directors and staff and they are:
  • Peter Wilson, Chairman (Local Businessman)
  • Trevor Heley, Managing Director (ex Vice Chair of Governors)
  • Merula Frankel, Director (ex Chair of Governors)
  • Mike Baker, Director (Local Businessman / Alton Lions)
  • Niven Baird (Local Businessman/Alton Rotary/The Arts Society Alton)
  • Stella Charman (Local Social Entrepreneur/Chair of HSDC Alton Student Committee)
And of course ....  Michelle George (Administrator)

Founder Member and ex Chairman: Nicky Branch

About Us



Results Day - Tuesday 10th August

Everybody at the Alton College Foundation wishes all our Scholars the best of luck as the countdown to getting their A level results gets nearer

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Nicholas Branch - Retires

Albeit a year overdue, on Tuesday 15 June 2021, Nicky Branch received the farewell he deserved after standing down as the Chairman and a Director/Trustee of The Alton College Foundation. Having established the Alton College Foundation charity along with fellow Governors of Alton College in 1999, Nicky has witnessed the charity go from strength to strength. Over 20 years, 350 students have benefited from the scholarships in a wide range of subjects all sponsored by local individuals, companies, or trusts. In addition, the charity has raised over £600K to support students an infrastructure projects at the College. Celebrating his retirement with directors of the Foundation, supporters and former staff of Alton College, Nicky was thanked for all his incredible work over the years on behalf of all those involved by Mr Trevor Heley, Managing Director of the Foundation. Trevor said: “Nicky has always put the students first and he is passionate about giving talented students the confidence to make the most of their talents. At the same time he has viewed the Foundation as a ginger group, pushing the college to new and different things. We will work hard to ensure his legacy endures”. Whilst previous scholars were unable to attend in person, they were keen to offer their heartfelt thanks to Nicky for his part in establishing the Foundation. Nicky received a book containing a selection of photos taken over the years and goodwill messages from scholars from each of the year’s scholarships have been awarded. He also received an inscribed presentation wine box containing some of his favourite South African wine. Whilst retiring as Chairman and director, Nicky continues his relationship with the Foundation by personally sponsoring the public services scholar this year.

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Alumni Scholar wins gold

Congratulations go to Jemima Willoughby, who did an outstanding job scoring in the top 5% of British Olympiad competitors to win gold at the recent UK Biology Olympiad.

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New appeal launched to help fund computers (UPDATE 25TH MARCH)

The Alton College Foundation has just launched an appeal using the Virgin Money Giving platform aimed at raising funds to provide college students with laptops/tablets. This is in recognition of the fact that some students have struggled to work from home during the pandemic because of a lack of equipment and that this struggle will continue even after the college returns to normal. To make a donation use the link here. UPDATE: We closed this appeal having raised over £600. We are now talking to students to see how best to use this money

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Scholarships Secured by 2020-22 Students

Twenty-one HSDC Alton students have been selected for the Alton College Foundation Scholarships for Excellence. The new scholars bring the total number of students awarded scholarships, since the scheme began in 2002, to 350. The scheme, supported by local organisations, individuals and trusts, offers HSDC Alton students financial support over the two years they are at the College, along with the prestige of being appointed as a scholar. The selection process was carried out online this year, with the interviewers being presented with an incredibly high calibre of shortlisted applicants. Subsequently the winning students were outstanding in their subject areas of art, business, design and architecture, economics, engineering, English literature, humanities, mathematics, medicine, music, modern foreign languages, performing arts, public services and science. The formal scholarship award ceremony, normally held in the spring, has been delayed until later this year when it is hoped that students will be able to meet their sponsors in person and celebrate their achievements with other scholars past and present. Trevor Heley, Managing Director of the Foundation, said: “Since introducing the Scholarships for Excellence scheme in 2002 we have seen how beneficial it has been to our Scholars. They tell us how it helped them get into their chosen university and move into exciting careers working across the world. Both we and their sponsors continue to keep in touch with many of our 350 scholars and often invite them to come back to the College to inspire students. For my fellow directors and myself, our reward is to know that something we created nearly 20 years ago continues to go from strength to strength”.

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Development Fund Renamed

We have renamed the Development Fund as the Student Support Fund. The primary reason is to give more clarity to what we are trying to achieve by offering grants to students. Details can be found on this website.

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Public Services Scholarship - A first for the Foundation

We are pleased to announce that, for the first time, we will be awarding a Scholarship for Public Service. It is so important that we recognise and encourage the work undertaken by all those choosing a career in public services e.g. Police, Medicine, Fire and Rescue and the Armed forces. A big thank you goes to Nicky Branch, the ex Chair of the Foundation, for funding this Scholarship

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Covid Update

We are still open but there might be a slight time lag in replying to emails. Please do not try calling us during this time.

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Scholarship Award Ceremony 2020

The 18th Scholarships for Excellence Awards took place on 27th February 2020, with 20 students receiving scholarships.

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Second Years Awards Ceremony

The ceremony held on Thursday 26th September celebrated awards to 16 Students. This was the third year that these awards have been made and introduced a range of new awards. Details below: CREATIVE VISUAL ARTS Awards Holly Lowe (Textiles) Ottilie Peterson (Textiles) sobelle Monckton (Fine Art) Rebecca Marshall (Photography) ENGINEERING Awards Emily Adderson Nathan Banbury Tommy Bason Oliver Chapman. Cameron Bush Harry Henslow. FOUNDATION LEARNING Award Tom Brooker MATHEMATICS Award Emily Morgan. PERFORMING ARTS Award Bryony Morgan. PUBLIC SERVICES Awards Sam Harding. Chloe Baldwin. Jordan Horseman.

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HSDC Statement

The college has begun a rebranding exercise that will start to appear in all its marketing, including signage. This follows the merger with HSDC that took place 1st March 2019. However there will be no resulting change to our name and we remain committed to supporting the students and staff at the Alton campus.

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ScholarSHIPS F.A.Q


We have made some further changes to the Scholarship for Excellence Scheme so we thought it a good idea to provide some key information for those thinking of applying.

Who is the Scheme open to?

Anybody who plans to come to the college or who will already be studying at the College for either A Levels or a BTEC in the next Academic Year.

How old do you have to be to apply?

The Scheme is open to students between the ages of 16-18 (the exception to this is students who are studying on the Art Foundation Course who may still apply if 19 years old).

How do you apply?

First read the terms and conditions which are published on this website.

You may apply prior to joining the college e.g. in your final school year or whilst you are at the college.

Applications made to the Alton College Foundation (guidance is again available on this site). This can be done via post or email.

What is the timetable for applications and selection?

Applications must be received by no later than the middle of November following the start of the Academic Year (currently this means by the 15th)..

Candidate applications will be shortlisted in December and selection Interviews will take place in December and January, with the candidates being awarded their Scholarship at an Awards Ceremony (usually mid February).

What happens at the Interview?

The interview process is quite straight forward. You will be asked questions about why you have applied, what you will use any money for, topic specific questions and questions on anything mentioned in your application e.g interests outside of college. At the end you will be ask if you have any questions and told what happens next. The whole process should be viewed as great experience and enjoyed.

What subjects are Scholarships available for ?

The Scholarship subjects depend each year on who the Sponsors are and what subjects they wish to support. We will publish a list of subjects available on this website . The majority of the Scholarships are for 1st year students however the The Arts Society Alton Scholarship is aimed at Art Foundation students.

What funding can I expect to receive for a Scholarship?

This is determined by the Sponsor but currently the maximum amount that can be awarded is £400 a year (over a 2 year period this equates to £800)

What am I expected to do as a result of receiving a Scholarship?

Given the prestige and money associated with receiving a Scholarship and the importance we place on achievement we do expect a number of things, not least that you achieve or exceed your projected results. More on this can be found on this website here

What is the best way to keep uptodate with what is happening with the Scholarship Scheme?

Other then visiting this website the best way is to follow us on Twitter @FoundationAC

What if I have any other questions not covered above?

Call or email us.  See Contact Details

 To read the T&Cs Click Here


We always feel encouraged by the feedback we get from past Scholars. Here are just a few examples

"The Scholarship helped me to achieve a distinction in my Art Foundation course at Alton College. This led to me gaining a place on one of the top sculpture courses in the country at degree level. Following on from this I was able to gain employment in a creative and cutting edge role in one of the most competitive industries. I think a Scholarship is a great way of not only enabling students financially and helping them to achieve their best, but also giving them confidence in their work and encouragement to aim high". Abi Smith – ADFAS Scholarship 2002

I would never have imagined that the effects of the Scholarship I received in 2008 could be quite so far-reaching. Aside from the direct benefits of permitting me the opportunity to complete various immersion courses in language schools in France and Spain, it facilitated my entry onto the joint LL.B/Maitrise en droit programme at King’s College London. Undoubtedly, without the Languages Scholarship, I would never have had the opportunity to foster the skills necessary to work in quite so many diverse international contexts. I am forever grateful to the Foundation for their support throughout my time at Alton".Chris Dominey – Modern Foreign Languages Scholarship 2006.

'Without the scholarship support, it would have been harder to access opportunities which were crucial to my personal statement, as it allowed me to discuss them at interview and stand out from other candidate. I hope I serve as a good example of the success of the scholarship initiative. I would strongly encourage people to apply for the scholarships and support the work of the Alton College Foundation'. Dr John Hawkins,BSc, MBChB. Foundation Scholarship in Medicine. 2005

‘The Scholarship really boosted my confidence and encouraged me to apply [to Oxbridge], which I think was the best of many benefits.’ Katie Roe, Craven Brothers Scholar (Engineering) 2008-10 

‘I think that [my Scholarship] has really given me a lot of confidence in myself and my subjects.’ Leanne Brown, Nicholas Branch Scholar (International Baccalaureate) 2009-11

' I owe so much to my Scholarship including discovering my vocation for Neuroscientific research (a surprise to everyone!), my place at Oxford and an incredible job as a Lab Assistant designing and carrying out Neuroscientific experiments in London; I am desperate to thank the Foundation personally and also to encourage this year's group of scholars. Before receiving the scholarship I considered myself an average student but having the Foundation's belief in me was the kick I needed to change my life'. Meredith Leston, Dischma Trust Scholarship in Humanities, 2010-2011

Student Support Fund Recipient 

‘After falling just short of being eligible for EMA (Educational Maintenance Allowance) and living in the middle of nowhere, getting to college was always going to be an expensive issue for my family. The award has paid for me to be insured to drive the family car. I would like to thank the Alton College Foundation for allowing me to become more independent, without having to compromise my studies.’- Second Year Student of English, French and Sociology.



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We are grateful for the support all of our Sponsors provide to us.  Below is a list of current Sponsors

  • The Arts Society Alton
  • The Rotary Club of Alton
  • The Alton Lions
  • Craven Brothers
  • Sir Simon and Lady Virginia Robertson
  • Sir James Scott
  • Mrs Merula Frankel 
  • Mr Peter and Mrs Lissa Wilson
  • Mr. Nicholas Branch
  • Mr. George Heller
  • The Aerogen Company Limited
  • Headley Financial Services
  • Mr. Niven Baird
  • Mr. Fraser Wilson
  • Alton College Foundation Alumni
  • Alton Building Preservation Trust 


  • Alton College Foundation Old Odiham Road Alton Hampshire GU34 2LY

We will respond as quickly as possible to your enquiry but please bear with us if you do not hear back immediately.


Alton College Foundation Scholarships for ExcellenceTerms and Conditions–Effective 5 October 2020

1. Background.

In 1999 three Governors established The Alton College Foundation (The Foundation) as an independent registered charity. Since then over £550,000, has been raised from local businesses, organisations and individual donors all with an interest in raising the standards in all fields of education. The funds have been used to improve HSDC Alton (the College)and help both students and staff. Since 2002 the Foundation’s Scholarship for Excellence Scheme, the sole objective of which is to reward and encourage effort and excellence amongst students, has awarded 350 students who have subsequently achieved great things both in education and in their careers.  

2. Scholarship Subjects

The number of Scholarships awarded and subjects covered varies from year to year but cover a wide range of subjects at both A level and BTEC. These include:


•Business Studies•Engineering

 •English Literature•Geography



•Performing Arts•Sciences


In addition, Scholarships are currently offered to talented artists on the one-yearArt Foundation course, supported by The Arts Society Alton. 

The monetary reward associated with each scholarship is determined by the Foundation’s Sponsors and is paid annually to students whilst at the College. More information will be provided on application.

3. The Foundation’s Supporters

HSDC Alton(the College) and The Alton College Foundation are extremely grateful to all those individuals and organisations that continue to support and fund this scheme. However, unlike other 6th form Scholarship schemes, the Foundation’s approach does do not use college funds.The Foundation welcome enquiries from others wishing to add their names to the already impressive list of supporters below:

•Sir Simon and Lady Virginia Robertson

•Ellis Campbell Charitable Foundation

•Rotary Club of Alton

•Alton LionsClub(CIO)

•The Arts Society Alton•Sir James Scott

•Headley Financial Services

•The Aerogen Company

•Mrs Merula Frankel

•Mr Peter and Mrs Lissa Wilson

•Mr Nicky Branch

•Mr Peter Gaffney

•Mr Fraser Wilson

•Mr Niven Baird

•Mr George Heller

•Scholarship Alumni

.Alton Building Preservation Trust 

4.Student Eligibility

4.1 Applicants must be 18 years or younger, studying at theCollege. The exception to this is students on the one-year Arts Foundation Course applying for a Scholarship fromThe Arts Society Alton Scholarship.

4.2 Students should be undertaking either a 2-yearA level course, an equivalent BTEC course or the Arts Foundation Course.  The Scholarship is only awarded to students in thefirst year of a two-yearcourse (the exception being the Arts Foundation Course).

4.3 Only students who have already commenced full-time studies at the College will be considered for shortlisting and selection. However, students may apply before they start their studies at theCollege, if their predicted grades are 7-9 in most of their GCSE subjects. If applicants do apply before starting to study at the College, additional information will be requested after commencing full-time studies at College, e.g. actual GCSE results, feedback from College tutors.

4.4 Students must have achieved Grade 7-9in most of your GCSE subjects, or be exceptionally talented at sport, musicor be a talented artist. In addition: If applying for Mathematics you must have achieveda Grade  8-9in GCSE Mathematics and studying Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A level. b) If applying for Modern Foreign Languages students must have achieved a Grade 7-9in a language at GCSE(preferably two) and studying at least one language at A level.

4.5 Students should be working to Grade A –A* standard in your chosen A level subjects or D* in BTEC subjects.

5.How to apply

Applicants must either write a letter or email Alton College Foundation or complete the online application form.  The letter or email should be headed ‘Alton College Foundation Scholarships for Excellence’ and indicate the area for which you are applying e.g. a Mathematics Scholarship.  You should state why you feel you should be awarded a Scholarship, your future plans for university and career (if known) and any significant hobbies or interests.The Alton College Foundation will consider your letter or form of application, your previous academic achievements e.g. GCSE grades, comments from your school and the College teachers and any predicted grades when assessing your suitability for a Scholarship.

6.Closing Date/ Selection Process

6.1 All applications and references must be received by the 15th November.The Directors of the Foundation may, at their discretion, extend the application process in any year beyond this date.

6.2 Shortlisting for interview will take place in December and if successful, you will be invited for interview in January (exact dates will vary each year).The interview panel will include College staff, Sponsors and Alton College Foundation Directors.

6.3 Decisions on the award of Scholarships are at the discretion of the interview panel and the Alton College Foundation and are final. Feedback will be given if requested.

7.Scholarship Payments. 

Payment to successful applicants will be paid in two tranches. The first being made when you are confirmed as a Scholar and the second, subject to meeting certain commitments (see below), after the beginning of your second year at the College.  Note: in the case of Arts Foundation Scholars they will just receive one payment on award.

The Scholars Commitment

8.1 Successful applicants will be required to attend the awards ceremony to receive the Scholarship certificate. This will take place in either February or March.

8.2 Scholars are encouraged to contact and meet with their Sponsors whilst at the College.  This is not only valued by our Sponsors but is also often beneficial to the Scholar.Such meetings and contacts should always meet the safeguarding rules stipulated by the College and must be arranged via the Alton College Foundation Administrator.

8.3 All Scholars must submit an annual report (250-400 words) detailing progress and achievements and how the scholarship money has been used or is intended to be used.

8.4 Scholars must demonstrate commitment throughout their time at the College.The definition of what constitutes commitment will be determined by the Alton College Foundation but will primarily relate to: a)Interim results and reports from the College; in particular that the Scholar is achieving the expected academic performance and exhibit the behaviour expected of a Scholar. b)That the Scholar is continuing to study the subject that relates to theScholarship e.g. An English Scholar continues to work towards an ‘A level’in English. c)In some instances, the Sponsor may attach specific requirements to their Scholarship. Scholars will be notified of these in advance and must accept those requirements prior to receiving their award.

8.5 If it is felt thatthe Scholar is not be sufficiently committed or leaves the College then any outstanding payments will be forfeited.

8.6 All communications between the Scholar and Alton College Foundation must be made through the Alton College Foundation Administrator.Contact:Michelle George, Administrator, Alton College Foundation, Old Odiham Road, Alton, Hants, GU34 2LY. Telephone: 01420 592208. Email: michelle.george@alton.hsdc.ac.uk

Disclaimer: The Alton College Foundation reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions without notice.

A copy of these Terms and Conditions will be posted on our website www.altoncollegefoundation.org.uk

Date: October 2020

Twitter Tweets

The results are in and we now have 21 new Scholars taking us to a grand total of 350 awarded since 2002. Well done everybody

Finished our interviews and now finalising who will get a Scholarship. Once again a big well done to all those who… https://t.co/J8KfJILSEz

First week of Scholarship interviews over. Lots of great candidates and lots of tough decisions. Well done everybody

Pleased to announce that we will soon be awarding our first Public Services Scholarship. This is a significant mov… https://t.co/EcE1eYyZAD


What OUR SCHOLARS SAY - Montague Moran

What OUR SCHOLARS SAY - Meagan Harrington

Student Support Fund Application

This form should be used for applying for Student Support Fund grants.  Please make certain that you provide all the information requested and that you provide as much information as you can as this will help us evaluate your request.  Please be aware that with limited funds available the Alton College Foundation may not be able to support your application.  If that happens we will let you know as quickly as possible.

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